Booking Appointments

All appointments are now made through eConsult on our website. To request medical assistance for any new or ongoing medical problems, medication queries, annual reviews or administrative tasks please complete an econsult form in the banner at the top of our home page. Please write as much detailed information as possible about your condition or what you require as this helps complete your request quicker and more efficiently.

The doctor or nurse of your choice (where possible) will contact you back the same day if urgent, or by the end of the next working day if more routine. Please keep your phone on your person for when you are called back by the surgery.

If it is not possible to complete an eConsult form because of practical issues or because eConsult has advised you to contact the surgery, then our trained administrators will assist completing the form over the phone and advise you appropriately.

Our switchboard is open from 08:00 to 18:30, Monday to Friday.

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Emergency Or Immediate And Necessary Treatment

Our practice will provide treatment under the Emergency or Immediate and Necessary categories (Immediate and Necessary meaning ‘illness that cannot wait until the return home’), ALTHOUGH this does not mean you can then automatically register as you will only be treated as a temporary resident patient for this particular occasion.

Express Preference Of Practitioner

The patient has the right to express preference of practitioner and whilst the practice will endeavour to comply it might not always be possible. This may be due to annual leave. In any instance of unavailability of a specific practitioner, an alternative practitioner will be offered.

Home Visit Policy

We would like to encourage all patients to attend the surgery in person if at all possible. This is for a variety of reasons.

  • We are able to provide higher quality and safer care at the surgery because of access to nursing care, better equipment and the availability of your complete medical record.
  • On average your GP will be able to see FOUR patients in surgery for every one home visit performed.

A home visit will normally only occur in the following circumstances:

  1. The patient is terminally ill.
  2. The patient is bedbound.
  3. The patient is severely ill and cannot be mobilised.

Transportation Difficulties

  • The practice is not responsible for arranging transport to the surgery.
  • The GP will not visit for convenience. For example, if you need to wait for deliveries or visitors.
  • If you require friends or family to bring you to the surgery which may need some advanced planning you can phone the switchboard to arrange an appointment in advance.

Cardiff Ring & Ride Service

Ring & Ride is council-run service that provides transport for the frail and elderly who are unable to use public transport. You must be registered with them in advance of booking. They then can be booked on the day before 10:30am and we will try to accommodate you in surgery.

You can call them on 029 2049 0325.

Children & Young People

We would encourage all children to attend the surgery. It is our experience that even if they have a fever they can be safely transported to the surgery to be assessed.

Patient's Rights & Responsibilities

  • Patients do not have an automatic right to have a home visit.
  • Whilst we would endeavour to allow you to choose which GP you would like to see, this may not always be possible.


If you are confronted by a serious problem such as severe chest pain or severe bleeding call an ambulance (telephone: 999) before calling the surgery.

How to Arrange a Home Visit

If you do require a home visit then please ring to organise this before 10:30am. This will help minimise disruptions for other patients.

  • Be prepared for the Doctor to ring you back to clarify the situation further.
  • Home visits will normally take place between 1pm-3pm.
  • We have to emphasise that NO patient in need of a definite home visit will be refused.

Out-of-Hours Services

For urgent appointments outside our normal surgery hours, telephone CAV 24/7 on 0300 10 20 247.