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HealthWise Wales hopes to involve everyone in Wales in improving the health and wellbeing of the population.

HealthWise Wales is your unique opportunity to be part of shaping the health and wellbeing of future generations in Wales, and help the NHS in Wales to plan for the future.

There are a number of ways you can help; find out more by visiting their website or by taking part in one of the questionnaires below.

Two new questionnaires in the ‘Mental Health’ section for you to complete:

My Neighbourhood

Guide time: Around 5 minutes

These questions ask about your experience of daily life within your neighbourhood. The area you live in, and social interactions you have there, can influence both your physical and mental health. Your information will help us to look at the health differences that occur between different neighbourhoods and why this happens. This research will help inform policies and plans to improve health in Wales.

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My Coping Mechanisms

Guide time: Around 5 minutes

It is important to understand why some people’s health and well-being are better than others, despite growing up and living in similar environments. This questionnaire looks at how well you cope with stressful situations, ranging from work stresses to abuse, and whether this can affect your health. This research will help us to identify which groups of people may benefit from support, that can improve people’s coping mechanisms and potentially their health and well-being.

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Questions for participants aged 50-75:

Bowel Cancer

The Bowel cancer screening program started in Wales nine years ago. The number of people who take up the invitation to take part in the screening program remains low. This has an impact on the number of bowel cancers we can find and treat early. It also affects the overall outlook for people diagnosed with bowel cancer.

How would you react if you experienced bowel health concerns?

What would put you off seeking professional advice for your symptoms?

What do you think about bowel screening?

Have members of your family had any form of cancer, not just bowel?

These are just some of the key questions we need you to answer, to help make a real difference to improving bowel cancer survival rates in Wales.

If you are age 50-75, please take some time to log in and answer the following questionnaires:

Bowel health concerns
My views on bowel screening
Discussing my health concerns
My family and cancers (Please be patient while this questionnaire loads).
My family and female cancers (female participants aged 50-75)


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